Make Money Online 90 Day Challenge – Day 2

So, here we are on the day two of the 90 day challenge where we are attempting to make money online from $0 to $3000 per month. First things first, we give names to all the five ways to make money on the Internet that I’m trying to automate during the challenge. The following are the names that we’ll give so that from now on we mentioned in this names whenever I’m trying to give the state that I did for

  • Internet marketing
  • Skillshare.com
  • Forex Trading
  • Binary Options
  • E-commerce website

Today, was a day to create a complete plan for each and every income stream above. I describe each and every step that I’ve taken today to get closer to the goal of making money online with little or no investment.

1) Make Money Online Through Internet marketing

Yesterday, I went ahead and installed the Mautic software on my website. After the installation of the software, I actually have to configure it to be used as an auto responder. To do this, I had a great resource. This was a video of how to use Mautic as an auto responder and configure it. If you would like to follow along, please visit this Youtube video. Now, to follow along with it, you will also need what we call as follow up emails.

Now, follow up emails are a lot of work. I mean proper work of writing emails. So, I got down to writing emails. First, I started with the welcome email. See, whenever somebody subscribes to your list, you have to welcome them to the list and remind them of why they subscribed in the first place. It might be for a pdf eBook that we are giving away or any other lead magnet. So, in the welcome email we have to give the link or information of all the giveaway items we promised on the landing page. While writing this, you might think that making money online is a lot of work. However, believe me we are doing this for just this one time and it will serve us for lifetime.

So, today I invested around 2 hours creating 10 emails along with the welcome email and also setting up the auto responder and configuring the forms which will be the one which a subscriber will use to enter their email address and Name to get into my list.

2) Make Money Online Through SkillShare.com

As you know this is one of the free ways to make money online, this is also the easiest of them all. Today, for this income stream, I selected one of the 10 Youtube videos I researched yesterday for my first Class on Skillshare.

I went through the video and decided on the topic of my class. I created 5 different headlines for my class. I did not want to give a lot of time for this as I wanted to keep the time spent on overall challenge to less than 3-5 hours. Still, I managed to create the headlines. My next logical step would be to create an outline of the class that I am going to create. I also decided a goal for just this income stream, that I will create and publish atleast one class every 3 days from now on.

3) Forex Trading

Now, we are on one of my favorite ways to make money online. Yesterday, I told you about the website of forex4noobs. So, the first thing I did today was to sign up for the website as I don’t remember my credentials on the website from my earlier signup a couple of years ago. If you are following along with me, I recommend you sign up to the website. It is free and an amazing resource.

See, I like this website for a simple reason that the method of trading or you might say the system of trading listed in the website would enable me to trade for less time with more profit. You will be able to understand it when you go through the course.

So, first I went to the basics page and went through the first two sections of the “Bare Basics” and “All about Charts” and refresh my knowledge about forex which I went through couple of years ago. That was the only thing I did today and it took me around an hour to completely read it and understand it thoroughly. If you are following along with me I suggest you complete the basics section today.

4) Binary Options

For Binary Options as I mentioned yesterday that the automation will be right from the start. So, I setup the Amazon VPS, installed the Go Trader trading account on it and loaded the software provided for BAFM on my live account yesterday. Let me first explain the idea behind BAFM.

See, trading binary options is very risky. And to do it right from the start might lose the money in your account. So the best option would be to get a mentor to help you trade and teach you everything about it. But in BAFM, the lead trader on Binary Alpha website will trade for you with the help of a trade copier system.

Whatever trades the trader takes on his personal account will be copied to your trading account and all the profits are your’s to keep. I started the account with BAFM in it yesterday. Until now, I mean till the time I am writing this, there was no trade taken on my account. Stay tuned I will be updating tomorrow if trades are taken.

5) Make Money Online Through an E-Commerce Website

This way of making money online is a lot of work. So, I kept almost 2 hours for this. As you know that I selected my niche yesterday. What I didn’t tell you is how I did that. Let me explain, first I went to watch count website to check all the products which are hot right now on Ebay and made a list of some products I like. Then I cross referenced it with the products that are hot right now on Facebook. I just did a search on Facebook search box with the products I selected on watch count.
Then I went to a website called Aliexpress. This is a website of manufacturers in china who provide the products at a much cheaper rate. Basically, the idea of e-commerce that I am going in is drop shipping. So, as soon as I get an order on my Shopify website. I will place an order on Aliexpress and tell the supplier to directly send the product to the customer on my company’s behalf bearing my company name.
Today, I just went through Aliexpress and selected 10 products I want to start with.

No more expenses today and no earnings yet.
That’s it for today,
See you tomorrow with more steps for Day 3

If you want to check out the Day 1 of the 90 Day Challenge then click here.

Until Next Time,

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