Online Income Day 1 of 90 Day Challenge To $3000 Per Month

Online Income 90 day challenge – Day 1

Hello and welcome to the 90 day challenge of consistent online income every month. In this challenge, I’m going to document each and every step where my goal is to reach $3000 per month in the next 90 days. The goal is not just to reach $3000 per month but to keep on doing it consistently thereafter.

So, first let me tell you the reason why I’m doing this challenge in the first place. See, this world of online income or Internet marketing is very lonely. The most important thing to consistently generate income or work is to be motivated. This challenge is my way of keeping myself motivated to keep on doing this. And, other thing is I want to document each and every step of generating zero to $3000 per month consistently so that, I can rinse and repeat everything consistently.

I’m a big fan of creating automated multiple income streams. So, for this challenge, I’ll be creating five income streams simultaneously. My goal after 90 days would be to have created five income streams each generating at least $600 per month consistently and without much of my attention.

So, the following are the five income streams that I’ll be creating simultaneously for this 90 day challenge.
1) Internet marketing through this website
2) income through skillshare.com
3) online income through Forex trading
4) online income through binary options trading
5) generation of income through e-commerce website

So every day I’ll be documenting all the things that I do for all the above five income streams.Let me start all the initial steps that I’ve taken today for each and every one of the above five income streams.

1) Online Income through incume.com (this website)

Apart from being the home for 90 day challenge, I’ll be using this website to generate online income as well. From all these years of experience from Internet marketing, I have learned that to generate any kind of income online we have to have a list.

If you don’t know what is a list then let me explain, list is basically a customer database which comprises off name and email address of potential customer or a buyer.Now to create a list, I need to have three things. First, I need to have something called an autoresponder. Second, I need to have a squeeze page. Third, I need to have something to give away.

Now you might not know what all this about things are. But I will explain each and every one of them when I start setting them up.Today, for this income stream my goal was to select an auto responder, sign up for that and create my first list. If you don’t know what an auto responder is with me explain.An autoresponder is a software which helps us create follow-up messages to our lists.

See, just having a list does not earn money. We have to follow up with a list by sending emails which are either promotional or education. You might think why would I send educational email to my list if I can earn every time I send a promotional email. However, if you don’t build a relationship with your list the list won’t respond to promotional emails and ultimately you want earn anything.Hope, you understood the concept of an autoresponder.

So now, there are many autoresponder is available on the market but almost all of them have some kind of monthly fees. But, I wanted something which does not have the monthly cost and also serves my purpose of an auto responder. So, after some search I came across a marketing automation software called Mautic.

So today, I went through all the documentation of Mautic and installed it on this website. If you’re following along with me, I suggest you go through this YouTube video for installation of Mautic on your own website.So, that’s it for today step for this income stream.

2) Online Income through skillshare.com

You might not know this website, however, it is an online portal of learning. The concept is simple, if you have a skill or something you can teach others, you create a small online course which is less than half an hour and submit it to the portal.

You will earn royalties every time a premium member watches your course. Today, for this income stream I have to first search or you might say research for at least 10 different topics of online courses that I’ll be creating in the next 30 days to submit to the portal.

So, I first went to YouTube and searched for small 10 minute videos which teach particular skill. It took me around half an hour to gather 10 of them. These comprised of anything from teaching something to do with Photoshop to personal development videos.The next step is to create chronological lineup for each and every course that I’m going to create.That’s it for today for this income stream.

3) Online income from Forex trading

This income stream is something which is close to my heart. I like analytics and charts. So, when I learned about Forex trading I was very excited and sure that I can do this is a consistent and full-time income stream.For this income stream, over the course of years I’ve found two different places where I can learn Forex trading and an consistently generate income from it.

See, I have already gone through the courses available at these places. However, I’ve only gone through the free part of the courses. And my primary goal for this 90 day challenge is to spend as less as possible and generate consistent $3000 per month after 90 days.

However, I’ve gone through these courses a couple of years ago. So for this challenge, I’ve decided to go to these courses again. The first of the two places are Forex4noobs.com .So today I’d be going through the free course available at the above website. However, I will be giving only half and hour for that.

4) Online income from binary options trading

This is another income stream which is related to trading Forex. But in this, the risk on the particular amount we either win a trade or lose it within a particular time limit.For this income stream, I have two different places where I will be creating accounts and automating this income stream.

In fact, on one of the places the automation of the income stream will be right from the start. And today’s goal for this income stream is that itself.I’ll be creating an account on binaryalpha.org and signing up for the BAFM. This is an account which will be traded automatically by the head trader at this website. The only expense for this is I will have the sign up for a VPS for $20 a month and pay a fee for the head trader after the three month trial.

So I have already created an account at Amazon AWS for the VPS which is free for the first one years. So, for now I don’t have any expense for this income stream apart from depositing money in the trading account which is $300.

I will be sharing the result of the trading account every day on my daily log.

5) Online Income through E-commerce website

E-commerce is yet another income stream which I like the most. I have been following e-commerce from the past one year without any success. In the process I have spent almost $2000. And yet, I believe that I can create a consistent income stream out of e-commerce. This is the reason why I am including this in my 90 day challenge.

So today’s goal for e-commerce is to sign up for Shopify platform and research for the niche. The initial niche that I’ll be targeting on e-commerce was my goal for today. I signed up for the platform and researched for the niche for almost half an hour.

I will be sharing all the steps that I do every day for all the above income streams. I will also be sharing all the expenses and investments that I’ve done for this 90 day challenge.

Expenses till now –
1) Website – $50 including hosting

Investments till now
1) binary options account on go markets platform – $300

So the total time that I spend today for all the 5 income streams is 3 Hours and an additional 1 hour to write this article and format and publish it to the website.

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So until next time,
Kuunal signing off

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