Online Income Day 3 of 90 Day Challenge To $3000 Per Month

Online Income 90 day challenge – Day 3

Welcome to the day 3 of the 90 Day Challenge of consistent online income. We are trying to reach $3000 per month consistently by the end of the 90 days.

I know I have been not updating at all for a couple of months now. I am really very sorry for this. However, I have not worked on my online income business to much lately. I will be updating this blog everyday from now on as I am concentrating completely on my business for 4 hours a day.

First thing I want to tell you is that I will be updating 3 income streams out of the 5. The reason being that the two income streams of Binary Options and Forex requires a lot a initial investment. I will be saving at least $3000 to invest in either one of them.

I do have a lot of amazing resources to use in these two online income streams. However, I will be giving those details when I actually talk about them later.

So, the three online income streams that we will be talking about are
1) Internet Marketing through this website.
2) Income through courses on
3) Income through eCommerce website. (Selling physical products)

Let me tell you what steps I took today in all the above streams

1) Online income through website.

The first two days I installed Mautic on my website at a sub-domain and then created a campaign for my website and also added some follow up autoresponder emails. I made sure this emails are in line with the idea of creating consistent online income for oneself.

So, I decided that I will be creating and uploading at least 10 emails a day for the next 10 days which will cover at least a year worth of follow up emails. This will help me create an automated stream of income. I will not have to look after the list that I create and concentrate more on adding more subscribers to the list.

Hence, the first thing I did today was create 10 follow up emails with a link to the program I am promoting. I made sure I am not hard selling on every email. I made some emails as purely educational emails. So, make sure you get some content for the emails.

The next thing on my list of to-dos was creation of the squeeze page. If you don’t know the term, then squeeze page is a page on my website which I will use to grab subscribers on. This will be the landing page for my website traffic and the most important page I have to create to build my list. I made sure it gives the subscriber the info that he or she will be creating consistent online income through my program.

So, that’s it for this section for today.

2) Online Income through

This is the second online income stream I am generating for myself. The primary way we earn from this stream is by creating small 15-30 minutes classes or courses. Whenever premium members of the website watch our course we earn a certain amount for every minute viewed.

We had done some important work for the past two days. The first thing I did for this stream was to collect 10 YouTube videos or resources for the class that I will be creating. I went through and watched all the 10 videos I selected.

After watching the videos I created a list of classes I will be creating. And also, I arranged that classes in a hierarchical manner. This is what I did the first day.

Then, I went through the first video of the classes list again and created 5 different headlines for the class. Now, today my goal was to select one headline that I will be using to create the class. Also, my second goal today was to create an outline of the class.

By outline I mean create at least 5 different sub sections of the class. Divide the class into different sections so that the material is easy to grasp and small so that the student don’t get bored.

So, there you are, all the steps I took today for this online income stream. I hope you are with me and following along to generate income through this stream.

3) Online Income through E-commerce website

The third and the final online income stream I am generating is through an eCommerce website. By eCommerce I mean that I will be selling physical products with the help of drop shipping (commonly known as arbitrage).

For the first two days, I signed up to the most widely used eCommerce platform which is Shopify for my website. Next on the day 2 I went to one of the best drop shipping website available which is

I went through the best sellers on the website of Ali Express and selected 10 products to start with on my website. All the 10 products were selected on the basis of a particular passion. A good example of the product would be a necklace with a dog lover pendant on it. Check out the example here. I have selected 10 different products like this.

Now for today, my plan was to complete the setup of my Shopify store theme. So, the first thing I did was to create collections on my website which is just like categories of items that my website will be selling. Example of the same are collections like dog lovers, cat lovers, motorcycle, photography. You can have a detailed look on the website here.

Then, I have to have a logo on my website. So, for a logo I went to the good old Fiverr. I searched for some good vendors and contacted them for the logo. I am waiting for their reply so I can order on any one of the three I selected.

Well, that’s it for today. I did not spend any new dollars for all of the above yet. I will be spending around $30 tomorrow for my logo on the eCommerce website. However, till then I have not spend additional money to grow my business today.

So, See you tomorrow,

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