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Hello there,

Thank you for coming to my website and welcome to incume.com. This website is my personal blog to document my Internet marketing journey.

I started my in Internet marketing journey five years ago. See, I’m a mechanical engineer by profession. I have a manufacturing business from the past five years. Even though I’m doing okay with it, it takes almost 10 to 12 hours of my time every day. And what do I have to show for that? Just 6% profit for all the machines that I create in that 10 to 12 hours every day. And most importantly, I don’t have time for my family.

Around five years ago, while searching through the Internet I came across the idea of affiliate marketing. This was the first time I heard about it. And the idea of working from home and automating everything, so that I can have most of the time of the day for myself and my family was mind-boggling.

Today after five years, I am in a pursuit of creating multiple streams of income, whether online or off-line. This blog is my way of being on track. I’ll be putting on challenges for myself to reach a particular goal may be every 30 days or 90 days.

Right now, I’ll be working on developing a total of five income streams. By documenting everything, I hope that you will be able to copy me and develop your own income streams and take your first step to become financially free.

All my systems are simple, I create a checklist and walk on it till it is finished. And hopefully when I’m finished, I start generating income from that income stream.

The following are the five income stream that I’m trying to build:
1) Forex trading
2) binary options trading
3) e-commerce website (selling physical products online)
4) developing coaching classes on skillshare.com
5) Internet marketing blog (this blog)

For and with every one of the upper income streams I’ll be creating a 30 day on a 90 day challenge for myself to achieve a certain goal. The challenge might be anything from setting up the income stream to achieving a particular dollar amount during the challenge. And I’ll be documenting every step that I do to complete the challenge. And I’ll be posting all this documenting every day on this blog.

These five income streams are the core of my online business. I’ll be developing these in such a way that after a certain period of time all these five income streams will be completely automated and I’ll have to do very less to look after each and every one of them.

The idea is simple, once I set up each and every one of them and they start generating enough income without me looking after them is a final goal.

I hope this will keep me in check and create an online business for myself. And in this process, I’ll be able to help all the people who read on this blog and follow me.

So tomorrow, will be the first day log stating the first challenge of 90 days that I’ll be starting.

So until tomorrow,

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